With HANDSOMUSE vol. 14 ― スタイリスト 望月律子さん 公開中
エーアンドエスメンバーズプログラム 会員規約 変更のお知らせ


In today’s new era, women want to live a sincere life.
They’re expressing this through their fashion choices, too, by shifting toward styles that feel effortlessly authentic.
As she enjoys her social life, work and family,
today’s modern woman is always wondering whether each choice she makes is truly her.
Bellesiora’s fine fashion jewelry presents “HANDSOMUSE,”
featuring both determined good looks (“handsome”) and inspirational grace for women in their daily lives (“muse”).


She never loses her sense of self, even in moments when she’s not sure about which choices to make in life.
Peaceful moments with friends and family, overwhelming job responsibilities, passionate pursuit of her hobbies…
these all gradually continue to shape the character she’s built for herself.
She doesn’t imitate anyone else or force her will on others.
She doesn’t think only of her own happiness but remains conscious of the environment and cares about other people.
With “HANDSOMUSE,” Bellesiora wants to give you the confidence and power to set your heart free.
Express your capabilities directly and project an elegant, understated beauty.
Bellesiora jewelry has a secret, hidden sparkle for women who are ahead of the curve.

There are moments when the jewelry you used to wear suddenly just doesn’t seem right anymore.
Bellesiora diamonds are not ostentatiously glamourous – they brighten up the everyday naturally.
Tapered baguette cut diamonds with straight lines are arranged in an orderly fashion or randomly placed to create movement.
This exquisite contrast incorporates graphical playfulness within order.
You’ll be completely captivated by the diamonds’ elegant sparkle and the beautiful, minimal designs.


Because these precious stones have an invisible power, quality is everything.
Bellesiora diamonds radiate an impeccable sense of quality
thanks to their characteristic tapered baguette cut and the high quality of the stones themselves.
Their elegantly tapered shape requires a large, flat surface area,
making these diamonds rarities that can only be cut from stones of a certain shape.
Polished with care by skilled artisans, they draw light inward
and shine serenely with a sense of translucence rather than a dazzling glare.


Once again today, she dons her favorite sparkling pieces from the jewelry box on her dresser.
For women with positive attitudes in their work and private life,
the process of getting dressed and adding jewelry as the finishing touch is a morning ritual to mentally switch on for the day.
Every day, she’ll find herself naturally reaching for the brilliance of Bellesiora tapered baguette cut diamonds.
Why? Because this refined sparkle supports her even when she’s lost or flustered as she goes through life.
Whether worn with a simple white blouse or an elegant dress, that familiar sparkle emboldens her to keep moving forward.